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Featured Products

Bath and Body care has never been more soothing…

Cannabis Social Club

Interested in joining our Cannabis Social Club? You can apply online by following the link below. A 6 month commitment fee of R420 will grant you access to over 20 Grow One Africa clubs nation wide.


Herbal Alternatives

Health Products

Discover a wide range of Cannabis Cosmetics, CBD oil, CBD Condiments, and Alternative Herbal Products that you can incorporate in your daily life. 

Smoking Paraphernalia

Merchandise and Other

Are you looking to show your colours in the industry? We stock some interesting locally manufactured Smoking Paraphernalia and specially designed Merchandise that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds

We are moving away from imported cannabis seeds and looking to our local cultivators and geneticist. Locally produced seeds thrive better in our South African Environment.



CBD oil

Not all CBD Oil is made the same. Be informed on how to buy the best suited oil for your needs.

CBD Guide

CBD guide

Uncover the wonders of how CBD works, where it comes from and its treatment potential.

CBD Sport

CBD sport

CBD can have amazing effects on the body when incorporating it into your daily exercise.

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