Turtle House was born out of a desire to provide herbal remedies to improve quality of life.

We believe that prevention is the vanguard of health and so we focus on the body's own capacity to heal and repair itself. The tools most valued in holistic medicine are those that can assist the body in maintaining balance and enhance its own healing mechanisms.

In this way, herbalists are like gardeners. The gardener is not a “fixer” of things so much as an ally. He or she nurtures, enhances, and works with the natural system, but does not try to control it. A garden is a system that's alive, and the rule of herbalism is to cultivate life.

Turtle House consist out of five divisions to which each have their own unique identity namely the Apothecary, Smoking Paraphernalia, Home Grow, Cafe, and Turtle House Club.

The Apothecary is the first department you will walk into when visiting our shop. This is where you can find a range of alternative healing products which includes our medical cannabis. We are always glad to assist you in finding your individual requirement to help restore your body's health. We do not only offer CBD products but assist with alternative healing herbs as well.

You might notice our Smoking Paraphernalia cabinet next when casually strolling through to the other side. Along with our serious endeavour to educate the public in the many medicinal uses of cannabis, we are not oblivious to its recreational use. We stock a wide range of quality smoking equipment and place significant importance in supporting locally artists. Here, you will be able to find a wide range of beautifully created artistic pieces that won't turn up anywhere else.

Need your coffee fix for the day? You will be surprised to find a small Cafe tucked away in the corner, of our little shop to serve you with tastefully prepared CBD coffee. Roasted by a Jeffrey's Bay local roaster, our beans are blended with CBD to provide you with a morning wake up call, while simultaneously aiding with your aches and pains. The Cafe will be relaunching in September, so watch this space!

Our newly added Home Grow department provides a wide range of nutrients, soil, and growing equipment. Anyone, from the organic gardener to the expert indoor grower, can find most of their needs under one roof. Like a living plant, our gardening section continues to grow and expand in range and diversity of products with each passing month. If we don't have it, we will get it!

The Turtle House Club is Jeffrey's Bay's best kept secret...

Pop in for an experience of a lifetime! We would love to have you visit.