Herbs & Medicinal Teas

Discover our range of herbal teas, meticulously formulated by herbalists to provide relief for the unbalanced body. Indulge in a rich culture and holistic way of healing, reviving years of trusted remedies. Check out our loose leaf teas and other herbal remedies for the ailing body.

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Hemp & Medical Cannabis

Cannabis has proven itself throughout history to have exceptional healing properties. It is gradually being recognized in modern society as an acceptable medicinal herb to relieve, and sometimes cure even the most tragic illnesses. Our aim is to treat each condition uniquely and guide people in their individual requirements.

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Home Grow

This department provides a wide range of nutrients, soil, and growing equipment. Anyone, from the organic gardener to the expert indoor grower can find most of their needs under one roof. Like a living plant, our gardening section continues to grow and expand in range and diversity of products with each passing month. If we don't have it, get in touch and we will get it for you.

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