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Is cannabis addictive?

Only 10% of current cannabis users are affected by Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD) worldwide. CUD can be described as being unable to stop using cannabis when it is causing physical or psychological harm by the people who consume it.

By comparing cannabis consumption to more commonly used and abused substances like nicotine, alcohol, and opioids, it’s the least likely to lead to dependence.

Research even shows that certain cannabis stains, especially those with high CBD content, can help treat other substance or drug dependencies.

Is cannabis a gateway drug?

Cannabis is not a gateway drug. There are studies that indicate many people trying cannabis before they do in fact start using other drugs but there is no evidence linking the consumption of cannabis to start using other hard drugs.

Does cannabis make you dumb?

No, genetic and environmental factors can lead to a lowered cognitive ability and may cause the reason for dumbing down and perhaps the likelihood to use cannabis.

THC and smoking is only recreational, not medicinal?

THC has an important role and function in the body. It is very important for pain relief and ailments like nausea and sleep. It also helps CBD bind to the receptors in the body and keep it circulating for longer. It is an important part of the cannabis plant that should not be overlooked.

There is more than one way to consume cannabis and depending on the medication you are using and your affliction, some methods of admission will work better than others. Smoking can be highly effective when you need immediate relief.

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