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After you have finished the online application, you will be required to pay the application fee in store of R420. This covers your membership fee with us for the next year which also allows you access to our and all 20+ other GOA clubs in South Africa. When you get your results after completing the application process, it’s not necessary to wait for confirmation. You can visit us immediately after!

There are currently 25 clubs and more coming all over South Africa.

What is a Cannabis Social Club?

A Cannabis Social Club is an association of people enjoying their Constitutional Right to Privacy, by possessing, cultivating, and consuming Cannabis in private. A private place is described as any place to which the public does not have access. The Member’s Clubhouse is a private area, and not accessible to the public. Members consent to entering; a cannabis consumption and/or smoking environment, a cannabis cultivating environment and possibly a tobacco smoking environment.

Can you buy and sell cannabis in the social club?

NO, the 2020 bill is only a proposed bill and currently the Constitutional Court’s Judgement from 2018 still stands. Even if it is in private, you can still face up to 15 years for selling and 4 for purchasing cannabis. Full legalization of cannabis trade is yet to be constitutionalized.

Cannabis bud-flower

Can I get bud after I sign up?

The answer is YES! It is called reimbursment and works in the following way:

A new member signs an agreement that says that a cultivating member will donate to them, a seed or seedling or an equal share in a seed or seedling when they join the club. That cultivating member also makes available a portion(s) of land, that has been identified as a private space, exclusively for the cultivation of the receiving member’s cannabis. The Cultivating member is employed by the Receiving Member. The harvest is divided according to the deed of donation and each member’s cannabis is packaged, labelled, and shipped to the social club. The Social Club receives the member’s cannabis for safe storage, further curing and to administrate the sharing of cannabis with other members, within the privacy of the club.
Members also reimburse sharing members for costs associated with the cultivation of their cannabis. The sharing station makes use of a point of sharing system to administrate the sharing between members. Every time that you share in another member’s harvest, or when another member shares in your harvest, the pro-rata costs will be reimbursed to the club, and same shall be set off against the invoice of the cultivating member. You will receive an equal share of the harvest from the donated seed or seedling, as described in your deed of donation.

What do I need to become a Member?​

You will need a valid ID, Passport, or Drivers License and be over the age of 18 to apply.

All members who sign up to Turtle House Social Club at a rate of R420.00, gain access to the private lounge and sharing station for the next six months.

You can then also visit any of the 20+ sister clubs nation wide, that falls under the same umbrella of the GOA system. Turtle House also hosts a range of events that are only accessible to club members.

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Interested in joining our Cannabis Social Club? You can apply online by following the link below. A year commitment fee of R420 will grant you access to over 20+ Grow One Africa clubs nation wide.

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