How to shop for your CBD oil

No two CBD oils are the same and nor should they be used for the same purposes. It is important to understand whether the oil you choose will be effective in treating the conditions you need to address.

The Entourage Effect

Entourage effect refers to the interaction between the chemical constituents of the plant that enhance the medicinal properties of cannabis and almost eliminates possible harmful side effects that are usually present in synthetic drugs.

Cannabis compounds are more effective when consumed as a whole. By preserving the variety of compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids (incl. THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, and CBD), the efficiency and therapeutic effects of the plant is increased.

Types of different CBD oil

CBD Isolate is either created synthetically in a laboratory or by stripping the plant of all the other terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, leaving only the crystalized CBD. When using an isolate, there is no benefit from the entourage effect and it is not known whether there are long term side effects.

Broad Spectrum Oil contains nearly all of the compounds that are naturally present in the plant except for THC. By taking a broad spectrum oil you will benefit from the entourage effect, but not the medicinal effect from THC to treat certain conditions and high levels of pain.

Full Spectrum Oil contains all the compounds naturally present in the plant including THC. This type of oil offers the most beneficial treatment for all conditions and a greater entourage effect.

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is extracted by applying great pressure to seeds of hemp plants. It can be used in food and have advantages in enhancing beauty products, and also contain great nutritional benefits. Hemp oil does not show the same properties as CBD oil, nor will it relieve any aches and pains, although it might remedy some nutritional deficiencies.

Our CBD oil

With the help of our research team, Turtle House has identified that specific strains of cannabis plants are better suited to treat different conditions. Our aim is to treat each condition uniquely and guide people in their individual requirements.

Our Full Spectrum CBD oil contains THC, which is identified to be the psychoactive component in cannabis. Although there are a lot of reserves about taking a THC containing products, we utilize two methods to ensure the deactivation of THC’s psychoactive properties, while still maintaining its therapeutic effects.

Turtle House offers a product that is still within the LEGAL THC limits and where ratio of CBD to THC is extremely high. It is important to understand that CBD and THC bind to the same receptors resulting in the cannabinoid’s need to compete. With a higher ratio of CBD, it prevents the THC from binding and thus neutralises the “high”.

Another method we use is a cold extract done in a certified laboratory over a period of three months. Through this process, we deactivate THC’s ability to bind to the receptors in the first place.

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