CBD Sport

CBD helps in sport through the following:

Workout Time

Increases workout time.

The body naturally produces endocannabinoids that help our bodies function more efficiently.
Due to the way it interacts in this system, athletes can work out for longer.

Runners High

Prolongs runners high.

A cannabinoid called anandamide is responsible for creating the feeling of runners high.
CBD can help athletes work out longer by prolonging the effects of anandamide in the body’s system.


Speeds up recovery.

CBD reduces recovery time through delaying muscle soreness on account of its ability to reduce muscle pain and inflammation due to the way it interacts with the immune system. This in return increases muscle gains and decreases injuries.


Improves sleep.

CBD can improve sleep, which is essential for strong recovery.

Growth Hormone

Increases growth hormone.

Better sleep means an increased release growth hormone which helps you build muscle, burn more fat, and increase your energy levels for the next workout.


Reduces cortisol levels.

CBD can help reduce cortisol levels, making it easier to manage stress and anxiety during performance.

CBD is currently approved for use by:

International Olympic Committee
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