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  • Humic acid powder is extracted from highly active organic Leonardite, making it one of the most effective and profitable soil conditioners on the market.
  • Globally, precious soil carbon has been depleted from our soils, leaving farmers without these essential and necessary components which enables them to be sustainable and profitable for generations to come. Humates have the highest organic carbon levels of any natural product. Humic acid is known for its effective promotion of beneficial soil fungi (including mycorrhiza) which creates a desirable crumb structure in the soil.
  • As an active carbon molecule with a high CEC, it stabilizes nitrogen, complexes phosphates and improves overall fertilizer efficiency, making the addition of humic acid with any fertilizer application a total “no-brainer”. Humic acid is a crucial component to sustainable agricultural practices.

Humates are the only known substance with the ability to hold onto every other nutrient in the
soil which enables heightened nutrient absorption. Humates contain an auxin-like growth
promotant that enhance cell division and elongation. In addition, they increase the permeability
of plant cells and thereby increasing nutrient uptake by up to 40 %.

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1 Liter, 5 Liter


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