LAKI 420 Grow



The LAKI 420 Grow is a serum for ultimate hair growth and protection. The LAKI Shampoo Bar is a shampoo and conditioning bar all in one that not only targets hair nourishment but also hair growth.

The combination between these two products works on all three active stages of the hair cycle, protecting and enhancing each stage.


In this stage the new hair starts its cycle to grow. The LAKI Shampoo Bar unblocks the hair follicle and prevents it from building up and clogging. This ensures that all nourishment and blood flow. The LAKI 420 Grow enhances the Anagen stage, making the hair grow longer and faster. This combination stimulates the IGF-1 gene that promotes hair thickness as well.


In this stage hair health is maintained during its life cycle. The two products together enhances the microcapillary and the distribution of nutrients in the blood to the hair follicle. By using LAKI Shampoo Bar and LAKI 402 Grow together, a molecule, called B4, that causes damage to the hair follicle and hair to fall out is decreased. This results in an extended stage two. It also assists in stopping Alopecia (the anomalous immune system  that causes hair loss).


This is known as the resting stage before shedding and the restart of the hair cycle. The effect of the products in the first two stages ensures for a increased healthy resting phase and that shedding occurs due to the natural cycle and not necessarily caused by breakage and damage.

Together the LAKI Shampoo Bar and 420 Grow keeps the hair and scalp clean, free from inflammation and reduce build up and infections.


Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 cm


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