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TriPart Micro SW (soft water) by GHE / Terra Aquatica for the Flowering Period

TriPart Micro Soft Water by GHE (specifically for soft water) is a base fertilizer that you can use on your cannabis plants, giving them the perfect nutrients they need during their entire life cycle, from start to finish when using water with low amounts of minerals.

The softness of your water indicates the amount of minerals found in it. Hard water is always full of minerals and other elements, whereas soft water is more similar to distilled or osmosis water as it contains less minerals.

This potent fertilizer is a base fertilizer that gives your plants the necessary micro-elements and chelated nutrients, as well as pH adjusters so that they can absorb all of the nutrients given to them via watering. Use it alongside TriPart Grow and TriPart Bloom by Terra Aquatica in order to get the best possible results.

TriPart Micro SW (Soft Water) Properties – GHE / Terra Aquatica

TriPart Micro Soft Water gives your plants the primary and secondary elements needed during their entire cycle in the absolute perfect proportions, working during the growth and flowering periods alongside TriPart Grow and TriPart Bloom to give your plants everything they need to grow successfully.

All of its ingredients are chelated and can be easily absorbed by your plants. They also all dissolve in water, so this product can be used in any medium, including automatic watering systems or drip irrigation, without causing any sort of blockage.

Consult General Hydroponics Europe’s full fertilizer chart in order to get the best possible results when growing indoors and outdoors.

Dosage and how to use TriPart Micro Softwater:


Use 2.5ml per 10L of water during the first growth days.

Increase to 5ml per 10L of water during the last few weeks.

During the flowering period use around 6ml per 10L of water during the flowering period from start to finish.

You can use Flash Clean in order to clean out the roots if necessary.


Add 2-5ml per 10L of water during the first few days.

Add 7ml per 10L of water during the flowering period until you flush the roots.

It’s used alongside many other nutrients in order to get the best possible, professional results.

TriPart Micro Softwater by GHE / Terra Aquatica

NPK 5-0-1

  • 5% Nitrogen.
  • 0% Ammonia Nitrogen
  • 0% Nitric Acid
  • 3% Potassium
  • 01% Boron
  • 7% Calcium
  • 01% Copper chelates EDTA
  • 12% Iron
  • 6% Iron chelates EDTA
  • 11% Iron chelates DPTA
  • 05% Manganese chelates EDTA
  • 004% Molybdenum
  • 015% Zinc chelates EDTA
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

500ml, 1Liter


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