Trainer Clips


10 per pack

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  • Allows light to reach lower growth
  • Creates far better airflow during plant growth
  • Perfect for use during the vegetative stage of growth

Plant Bends are very simple and effective accessories for any type of grower. They are used to train and support your plants as required so they grow as you want.

What are Plant Bends used for?

These growing accessories are great for training your plants to grow exactly how you want them to. They simply bend around the stem or branches of your plants so that they grow how you want, or are able to receive more light than if they grew naturally. Likewise, these are best used during the vegetative stage of plant growth. By using more than one you can easily manipulate the shape of your plant to provide the maximum light penetration possible. Therefore this will also increase flower development. After a few weeks, you can remove these clip and the bend will remain.


Where can Plant Bends be used?

You can use this on both stems and branches to guide accurate growth. Simply clip them on to your plants to change the growing direction. They are great for allowing light to reach lower growth and are particularly gentle on your plants. Similarly, these can be re-used


3cm, 4cm, 5cm


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