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Any and all THC products are only available to contributing club members.

What is the Turtle House Social Club?

PRIVATE Cultivation, Consumption and Sharing

Turtle House Social Club was founded as a Voluntary Association to allow its members to collectively organise the safe and private cultivation of cannabis in amounts corresponding with the exclusive consumption needs of each member. By signing up, you allow us to employ a farmer and rent a private space on your behalf to cultivate your very own cannabis plant.

Isn't it illegal?

NO, where there's a will, there's a legal way

It is legal for an adult to cultivate, possess, and consume cannabis since September 2018. Members of Turtle House Club pay monthly reimbursement fees proportionate to their monthly consumption needs. The reimbursement fees are used to cover the costs of production, processing, storage, transport, and the management and staff costs of the Association.  Any profits or gains are reinvested in the Association and used in accordance with its objectives.


I don't want to wait , I want it now

All the Turtle House club members have an option to either take their cannabis harvest after paying the farmer's salary for the cultivation of their plant OR they can choose to keep their cannabis in Turtle House's sharing station. The sharing station is where members can share their cannabis whilst strictly contributing to that member's expenses relating to his cannabis.


What do I get for R100 a month?

All members who sign up to Turtle House Social Club gain access to the private lounge and sharing station. You can then also visit any of the 17+ sister clubs nation wide, that falls under the same umbrella of the GOA system.

Turtle House also hosts a range of events that are only accessible to club members.


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